Our Company

Mesa Biotech simplifies DNA testing. The Mesa Biotech team has achieved a dramatic simplification in the complexity of DNA and RNA molecular testing. Mesa Biotech is based in sunny San Diego, California with a satellite testing laboratory in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Why Mesa Biotech

Mesa Biotech was founded by two Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists. Mesa Biotech has ~50 full-time employees and works with a team of ~10 consultants and contractors. The majority of the team holds M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in molecular biology or engineering. Mesa Biotech is headquartered in an 16,700 square foot state of the art facility

Our Goals

Mesa Biotech is transitioning from an R&D to a product-oriented company. During the next five years Mesa Biotech will focus on commercialization and regulatory approval for the dock platform and its menu of clinical test cassettes.

Our Technology

Mesa Biotech’s patented and patent pending technology replaces the current expensive laboratory molecular DNA and RNA test with a compact, self-contained, and rapid (30 minutes or less) point-of-care solution. Mesa Biotech tests will make DNA and RNA testing available to a much larger market than alternative legacy solutions.