Mesa Biotech’s unique and patent-pending technology amplifies, labels and provides a visual qualitative result in a low-cost, disposable cassette in 30 minutes or less.

Benefits of Mesa Biotech’s point-of-care molecular testing technology include:

  • Mesa Biotech’s unique test kits provide everything needed to conduct rapid molecular tests at the point-of-care. The palm-sized, reusable dock and disposable test cassette form a user-friendly system for use anywhere, from the physician’s office to the patient’s home.

  • In 30 minutes or less of collecting a sample, the user can obtain a laboratory-quality molecular test result and take appropriate action.

  • Proprietary assay design allows for the rapid development of a portfolio of tests for human, agricultural, food pathogens, or genetic disease targets.

  • The flexibility of Mesa Biotech’s hardware design allows for rapid, sensitive, specific, multiplexed detection of disease targets in one easy-to-use device.

Mesa Biotech’s technology thus offers the simplicity, convenience and procedural familiarity of traditional POC rapid immunoassays while providing the superior sensitivity, specificity and information content of laboratory-based molecular testing.